The #Ecosia is NOT a #privacy and #secure or even a good #search engine, it is only #Microsoft #Bing with a other "green" skin - not more not less 🤷

Go out and plant your own #trees and you have a bigger impact on your environment as a lazy click #activist 🌳 🌲

@kubikpixel Well, I agree that they aren't good/secure/private.
But they are not aiming on that, nor claim they are.
And they actually plant trees, so, better make people use that to plant trees than use G**gle or B!ng and not plant trees.

@mihira But they do it cheeky as hell even though they're not, it's just another hipster sturtup that likes to paint itself green.


@kubikpixel Yeah, I don't agree with this practice as well. But seems like a standard on our surveillance capitalistic society.
That also explains how they manage to plant trees. With the money from users data.
Is there any "click plant tree search" that respects user privacy today?

@mihira only plant tree is nothing, how long stand the tree, when are this planted, this are planted for the wood industry etc., is planted on the right spot on earth 🤷 c'mon don't waste my time with click activism to buy your self a good feeling.

@kubikpixel Yeah. Better just donating to reforestation projects. Or taking part at one. Btw, do you know any good ones to donate?

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