The #Ecosia is NOT a #privacy and #secure or even a good #search engine, it is only #Microsoft #Bing with a other "green" skin - not more not less 🤷

Go out and plant your own #trees and you have a bigger impact on your environment as a lazy click #activist 🌳 🌲

@kubikpixel Well, I agree that they aren't good/secure/private.
But they are not aiming on that, nor claim they are.
And they actually plant trees, so, better make people use that to plant trees than use G**gle or B!ng and not plant trees.

@mihira That, plus:

GAFAM could "decide" one day that planting trees is good for their business (i.e. for PR/propaganda reasons). However, Ecosia won't (and legally can't) buyout to shareholders. This is also mentioned in the above article.



@maxi @kubikpixel Yeah, green-washing is always good for PR. However they will never be able to speak for data rights / privacy, cus they would bankrupt if so.

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