All 🇪🇺 countries and 2 participating states in the #EUCivPro Mechanism have offered support and humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

Countries keep delivering help via #rescEU and the established hubs in neighbouring countries.

This is #EUSolidarity in action.



Oh wow, while it is very hard to gauge from this map, it seems #Netherlands might have some catching up to do.

Wouldn't be surprised if in theory we should tick more boxes, but that stuff has become stuck in the Dutch Polder Model and all kinds of new and existing commissions now bow their heads on providing 'quick, practical and far-reaching help'.

Just like how we should 'swiftly deal' with freezing oligarch assets, and gave them 2 weeks headstart, while we discussed that.

@EU_Commission I recommend using image #captions (via the 'edit' link on the image preview) before posting for #accessability.


"Map of European countries showing Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Response per country. Types of aid are represented by icons e.g. Shelter supplies, Medicines, Fuel. And the color of the icon represents which country they are delivered to e.g. Ukraine, Moldova, Poland. Map also shows main refugee flows as numbers on the country of first reception."


@humanetech @EU_Commission
Our fellow citizens with some kind of visual impairment will not be able to understand what might be inside the "No description" image

@mihira @humanetech @EU_Commission

Full Ack.
In the concrete example, it would have been 1 click (!) which is to take the image out of the image if it would be readable.
I would not call myself visually impaired. Personally I would not want to read the unsharp thin and pixelated text in the concrete image.
I guess only Eurocrats want.

(Hint: Make the A0 poster multiple digital images and do that extra click to at least pretend, EU is accessible)

@sl007 @mihira @humanetech @EU_Commission basically a slap in the face of the citizens. There is today too but you cannot really read the data now go f yourself

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